Friday, December 15, 2006


Do you floss?

What an unusual question, from a coach. Seriously, do you follow your dentist's recommendation to floss daily? Chances are if you care about your teeth, you do.

Today, I am going to recommend that you take time for mental flossing. Just like you take time to remove potentially destructive left-overs from in between your teeth, mental flushing can also remove little or large chunks of the day mental left overs. You can do mental flossing by taking some quiet time to cleanse the day's frustrations, worries and overwhelm after work so you can be completely present to your life with your family.

Not certain how to start? One way is to keep your floss in full view and to anchor (mentally associate) that task with the thought of mental flossing. If you do it consistently for three weeks, the mere thought of teeth flossing will remind to do a mental floss.

Have a wonderful time during the coming Holidays and floss once daily, or as needed.

Your coach
Marguerite Tennier

Wild Wellness and Confidence Coaching
Your Inner Lion Queen Transform-Action

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