Saturday, November 18, 2006


Not enough money

The reason most people don't change jobs or take courses so that they can get a job they would enjoy is lack of a financial reserve. I am talking here about people who have good paying jobs and income, a house, sometimes two cars, a cell phone, cable, and a host of other gadgets. They tell me that all their income is accounted for to pay for credit card debts or the recent car purchase or a larger than life house. The one thing many people have in common is a lack of a financial cushion. This lack of a financial reserve prevents them from dealing with financial emergencies without resorting to expensive credit. It also prevents them from taking advantage of opportunities. In other words, it limits their choices. It's also why people with decent incomes can't afford to get a coach while some of my clients had more modest incomes, but had also built small or larger reserves of money and hiring a coach helped them get to the next level, whether it was a promotion, a large salary increase or another career.

Do you have a financial reserve?
Your coach,

Wishing you the discipline to build a strong financial reserve to increase your possibilities.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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Friday, November 03, 2006


Detachment or keeping sane while house hunting

November already. The last couple of weeks have been busy house hunting. What I fortunately remember of my Zen reading is the importance of not getting attached to possible outcomes or results. I am looking for a house and it became apparent that if I became attached to getting a specific condo, I would lose my ability to choose freely and to stop my offer at what I set it to be a fair value for me vs what the seller wants to get. Not getting attached comes from an abundance mentality in that there will be other condos on the market in my price range vs "Oh! I can't let this pass, what if I don't find another condo I like?".

Trying to force the outcome stems from fear instead of freedom.

Coaching tip: be aware of the areas of your life where you try to force the outcome and learn to trust that something better is on its way.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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