Monday, October 31, 2005


Being your own advocate

Put simply, an advocate is someone who is giving her 100% to help you obtain a given result. In fact, an advocate will fight for you so that your needs and rights are respected. Most of us don't have a personal advocate but, we can all be our own.

Imagine how different your life could be if you started each day being your own advocate. Would you allow your body to receive the kind of breakfast you give it or would you fight for more nutritious food? Would you tolerate how some people treat you at work or would you fight to assert yourself or work hard to find another job? Would you insist for regular medical care instead of doing what you regularly do, which is to wait until you are sick? In other words, if you were your own advocate, you would see to it that your body, your mind, your soul deserve the best. You would be 100% on your side.

I was coaching a client last week and when I asked her what was most important, her work or herself, she answered "don't tell me it's me". This very capable, bright, intelligent professional knew the answer, but was not living it and her life reflected it. I was her advocate at that moment.

Have a great week and have the confidence to be your own advocate this week.

Your coach

Marguerite Tennier

Saturday, October 15, 2005



How are your 2005 goals taking form? Did you take consistent action? The secret to success has more to do with consistent action, over time, than with high peaks and long valleys. Persistence and taking consistent action do not mean that you have to spend all your days working on your goal, but that you plan and block time daily, or weekly to work on your plan. Sounds easy, but life has a way of taking over and unless you have blocked time in your day planner, chances are you will forget.

If you don't have a day planner, now is a good time to get one for the coming year (2006 is less than three months away!!!). Being successful will be easier if you use whatever resource is available. Remember that to ask and use support is a sign that you value yourself.

Marguerite Tennier,

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