Thursday, October 05, 2006


Try a change

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I got the confirmation that exercise and healthy eating do contribute to my sense of well being. I learned that by doing exactly the opposite.

Yesterday, I spent the day with colleagues, having a self-care day. A day partly spent with a Native Elder in an Aboriginal Centre in Ottawa, then eating a great lunch and doing craft - making a dream catcher. Totally relaxing and fun day.

I could not understand last evening why I was so tired after a fun day. Then it dawned on me. I had not taken my usual 20 minutes swim or walk break at lunch time and I had also not eaten my usual 5 - 7 portions of vegetables and fruits and, I had let myself become dehydrated. I only drank one small 4 oz glass of water at lunch time, instead of the litre or so I normally drink during the day.

Conclusion: No matter what your day entails, a break at lunch time is necessary to bring oxygen to your cells and increase your energy, what you eat matters and your body needs water.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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