Thursday, July 27, 2006


Work can be hazardous to your health

This is summer in my corner of the world and I am enjoying it to the max. I hope you are also enjoying the outdoors and all activities you love.

Yes, work can be and is often hazardous to your health. Not just for people who work in physically dangerous environments but for everyone who work in offices and corporations that use fear, bullying and unreasonnable deadlines and workloads. Work is also dangerous for your health if you feel you don't have a choice.

Not thinking we have a choice is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. We mostly always have a choice. What we need to say honestly is that we are more willing to live with the present consequences - be it stress, loss of spirit, etc. than the unknown ones.

Are you looking forward to returning to work after your holidays? If not, look at your options. If you don't see any and you are not ready to work with a coach, ask a good friend to force you to think.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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