Saturday, January 14, 2006


Do or ditch

How can you be certain that you can realize your dream? The answer is "you can't". Can you imagine yourself only doing when you are certain to succeed. However, when it comes to some risks, projects, dreams, we would like to be assured that it can't fail. On the other hand, carrying some dreams along for years without taking any action can be a way to fool ourselves that some day, we will and it can take the energy that could better be used to take action in other important areas of our life now.

In this beginning of 2006, put all your dreams on the table. List them. Write besides each the time it first became a dream. Then write down what has prevented you from taking action. Finally, decide if you want to keep it alive and start working toward realizing it or if you would rather let it go. If you decide to let it go, ask yourself whether it's because of fear or because you have grown and now have other or bigger dreams or goals. If you are not certain about deciding now, talk about it with a trusted friend (remember, choose someone who does not let her life be run by fear).

Once you have a new clean list of dreams/goals, take one small step to move forward.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.
Confidence & Fearless Living Coach'

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