Monday, November 07, 2005


Where are you rushing to?

Are you wearing your running shoes all the time? Figuratively speaking that is. It seems there is not a day that I don't meet at least one person who is out of breath because of his or her lifestyle, yet can't see any other way. Just like the shoe salesperson who automatically looks at people's shoes where ever she goes, as a coach, I hear professionals describing their busy schedule and how they "can't" find time for some things that truly matter to them. They don't find time for exercice, for their hobby, their best friend. They feel trapped, yet they alone hold the key.

Do you recognize yourself here? Until you are ready to stop and answer honestly the question: what drives me to live like a hamster on it's wheel, nothing will change.
Do you feel appreciated only at work? Does work allow you to live "from the neck up", without the need for emotions and feelings? Do you try to prove your worth through "doing"?

If your response to this post is a list of good reasons and evidence why change is impossible in your case, then this may be the proof that you need to take off your running shoes and try on some slippers for a couple of hours.

Your coach
Marguerite Tennier

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