Monday, July 25, 2005


Not gone, just gone to the beach

In Eastern Ontario-Western Quebec, we are being blessed with one of the best summers in a long time. Very hot, yes and perfect for the beach. I love it. I have turned my house into a summer cottage and I take advantage of a superb pristine lake less than half-hour away. I feel I am living the California lifestyle right here in Canada. This is the reason I have been silent on the blog. In fact, I have done only what's absolutely necessary since Summer arrived. I schedule my days around the weather.

Are you making the most of the opportunities in your life to slow down and renew your energy? You may not have a lake nearby and you may have a five-day-a-week job AND you can still use the milder weather to spend more time outside and relax more. Whether you are a busy business owner, a full-time working mom (another kind of full-time business) or a busy corporate executive, you can take steps to give yourself more time to enjoy life. Have a pique-nique in the park or in the backyard a few times a week - a loaf of bread, cheese, fruits and some cold meats with a V-8 make an acceptable meal. Use paper plates - forget vacuuming or dusting for a week (or more). If you have your own business or are master of your work time, sleep in an extra hour once in a while or go in early and leave early or take half the day off- go to the lake, the pool or schedule a massage and go the office after the sun has gone down. Dress more casually - imagine you're in California.

My 5th speech at Toastmasters International last Friday was about pleasure and how as a society we are so deprived of healthy pleasure that many fill on "pseudo-pleasures" - consumerism, and excesses in things and those excesses are never enough because they are not the real thing. A little like taking a full bottle of vitamin C and wanting more because the real deficiency is vitamin B.

I invite you to go out and play for the rest of the summer - re-awaken that healthy child you once were. Remember what you loved doing as a child and go out and do it. Fly a kite (I'll lend you mine), go fishing, boating, camping or day-dream endlessly while you star gaze. And if someone objects, tell them, The Coach ordered it.

Enjoy the summer

Marguerite Tennier

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