Monday, April 18, 2005


Do it for yourself

Do you keep the best dishes for company? Did you stop smoking while pregnant only to start again when the baby was born? Do you treat your lover to expensive restaurants but eat a sandwich at your desk or would'nt think of eating alone at your favorite place? Do you feed your family healthy dinners but get fast food or a bowl of soup for dinner when you are alone? Do you put your life on hold when you are not in a relationship? Do you do for others what you won't take the trouble to do for yourself?

STOP! I am sorry to tell you that you won't get any medal for playing the role of a victim or martyr. What's more you are also likely to become resentful and maybe to act out your frustration.

The secret to having a great life is to put yourself in high enough esteem that you consistently make the best choices for yourself.

Coaching challenge: If you recognize that you treat yourself less than you do others, make a list and start making changes, one a week. You can decide to be bold, like treating yourself to an expensive restaurant by yourself in the middle of the week, or start slowly by bringing healthy snacks to work - oranges, apples, almonds, V8 are healthy choices.

Have a healthy week

Your coach
Marguerite Tennier

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