Monday, March 28, 2005


Taking the right risks

What type of risks to you tend to take? Risks that are well thought beforehand or risks to make you believe that you are a risk taker? Let me explain. Human beings are programmed to grow, not just old, but up. When we don't move out of our comfort zone to risk and grow, our whole being feels uncomfortable. Like wearing your size 8 jeans when you are really a size 10, or 12. When this happens, the discomfort often pushes us to react. That's when we take "foolish" risks, to trick us into thinking that we are indeed more brave. These foolish risks, however, fall more into reckless living than Fearless living. They provide momentary distraction from the discomfort, but do not allow for growth.

Stop fooling yourself. Look at the risks you take. Are they the kind that build your confidence and self-esteem or the kind that simply flatters your ego while you feel like a fraud deep down.

Coaching challenge: List the risks you have taken that have paid off in lasting confidence (pursued your studies, changed jobs, bought your first house, traveled alone, asked for what you wanted, etc. etc.) Add the three risks you have been avoiding and take the first step, today.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.


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