Saturday, January 29, 2005


Worrying about what people think, loosing our child-like spontaneity and regrets

We have finally come out of the incredibly frigid weather of the past few weeks and Ottawa looked alive today. People were out walking and enjoying what we consider here mild weather. It was wonderful to walk without freezing to death. Later, I was at Chapters and I saw through the window someone I have not seen for over a year - walking her golden retriever and my first instinct was to tap on the window to attract her attention. But being a grown up in a quiet book store, I refrained - and I regret. I have often said it that in the name of "adulthood", we lose our spontaneity and miss golden moments. Me who consider spontaneity one of my best qualities, I caught myself doing the unthinkable. Me the coach.

Well, more work to do to remember that if I don't hurt myself or someone else, I can afford to look silly and even endure the glare of more mature grown-ups.

Do you feel you have lost your spontaneity, your capacity for play? When was the last time you dared being silly? Playing with the kids, with your dog or doing cartwheels just because you felt like it?

Where ever you are enjoy your weekend and catch the golden moments as well as a few sun rays.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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