Monday, November 01, 2004


I love Mondays

I do. I actually do. I look forward to another week of work. Don't get me wrong. I love my weekends and I would not dream of less than my regular three-day weekends. What's great about Monday is that I love my work. Everything I do as I work in or on my business is pure joy. Can you say the same or are you reading this and thinking that's not possible, at least not for you? Do you look forward to starting a new week or do you suffer from the "Sunday evening stress syndrome"? Is your stress related to working with a less than emotionally intelligent boss (there are solutions for that also) or is it because you stay at that job because going for what you truly want is too scary: you might not be good enough, you might not have as much money, or any of the myriad of excuses you find every day to not take that risk. If that's what you say, you most likely don't feel very alive and passionate about Mondays or even life in general. The answer to a lack of passion and energy is simple. Simple but not easy. If you knew you only had five years to live, would you take that risk? Well, I am sorry to wake you up. You don't know how long you have. Maybe a day, maybe a week, a year or twenty. You have the key to your prison cell. Use it. Like the ad says so well, "Just do it"

Have a fabulous Monday

Marguerite Tennier
The coach who wants to change the world,
One Man at a time

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