Friday, October 01, 2004


Nourish all your senses - every day

How often do you stop to smell the roses, or the coffee? One way to practice self-care is to fill your life with scents, sounds and scenes that make you say "Ah!". Brighten your living space with fresh flowers; play music that you love and allow your body to move to the sound; sing in the shower; use the good dishes everyday. Invest in soap that smells good. Wear perfume or lotion that you love, everyday. Keep everflowering plants in your house (I have 4 hibiscus that bloom 12 months of the year). Have a massage regularly. In the fall, keep a nice soft throw on your couch, especially if you have leather furniture! Cook your favorite recipe just for yourself, on a week night. Eat by candlelight. Take time for a nice, long bath, instead of a quick shower. Have a healthy sensuality. Being sensual is a way to nourish your soul. And yes, guys, this is for you also.

Marguerite Tennier
The coach who wants to change the world,
One Man at a Time

P.S. There are two spots left for the free coaching on October, 29th.
and remember to check out Chatelaine, October 2004 and January 2005 which feature some of my tips. Chatelaine October, page 80

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